About Us


During the summer of 1986, a small group of dancers met with the idea of forming a ballroom dance club in St. Louis. They wanted a club that would benefit each facet of ballroom dance: studios, ballrooms, social dance clubs, and especially dancers. Their plans were to:

  • Offer group lessons to introduce new people to ballroom and to provide further development for more experienced dancers. This was to be done by offering the highest quality dance instruction at the lowest possible cost.
  • Regularly hold social dances.
  • Visit ballrooms around the area as a group to introduce members to the various facilities and bands.
  • Publish a newsletter with information on dances and dance instruction.
  • Hold workshops and seminars with world-class dancers and instructors.

As we near our two-decade anniversary, St. Louis Ballroom Dancers has remained true to our founder’s plans.


Diana Roberts

St. Louis Ballroom Dancers is fortunate to have one of the most acclaimed ballroom instructors in the country on their staff. Diana Roberts, who teaches seven weekly group classes for the club, has won more than 20 Professional Dance Titles. One of her most prestigious awards includes being a two-time consecutive winner of the “Sammy” award, which is given to the Top Female Pro/Am teacher in North America at the Ohio Star Ball. Additionally, she has won more than 20 professional national titles.

Teaching for St. Louis Ballroom Dancers three nights a week, her classes in American and International Smooth and Latin styles cover all levels from beginning social dance to Gold and Open. Diana also teaches at Just Dancing Studio in Manchester, Studio B Dance Center in Columbia, and twice a month at Walters Dance Center in Kansas City. She teaches all levels of dance and also coaches the dance instructors of tomorrow.